Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos


Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos is the nation's busiest airport – with two terminals – International and Cargo terminals open 24 hours daily while the domestic terminal opens 16 hours daily.

Passenger Traffic

Following the two (2) fatal air crashes that involved Bellview and Sosoliso airlines in the last quarter of 2005, precisely on the 22nd October 2005 and 10th December 2005 respectively, there was a decrease in passenger's traffic especially on the domestic routes.

The first quarter of 2006, a total of 518,970 passengers traveled through the domestic wing of MMA while a total of 375,113 passengers were facilitated in the international wing. These figures showed a 21% and 4% decrease respectively  compared to figures of the first quarter of 2005.

Other Projects

  1. The construction work on the burnt Domestic Terminal on a third party basis to build, operate and transfer (BOT) is nearing completion, the new Domestic Terminal commissioned for use before the end of 2006.
  2. The total resurfacing of the runway 18R and 36L was completed late December  2005 hence international flights 36L no longer make use of runway 18lL m meant for domestic flight operations.
  3. Refurbishing of the 'E' Arrival Hall in the international terminal is nearing completion with the completion of the project, the hall would be roomier and additional screening cubicles would be in place. With this increase immigration and other security formalities would be carried out faster as there would be  more staff to man these additional screening cubicles.
  4. Refurbishing of the light fittings – light fittings in the GAT and international terminal have been totally refurbished. Also the street lights from Oshodi – Airport expressway right to the international terminal and to the domestic terminal through the access gate have been refurbished.
  5. In the year 2006 two (2) new airlines opened new routes into Nigeria through MMIA, they are North American Airlines which flies directly to JFK Airport New York and Turkish Airlines which provides direct flights to Istanbul. This brings the total number of the international airlines operating with MMIA to

Investment OpportunitiesMMA1 VIP lounge

  • Hotels
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Cargo Complex/Ware Housing
  • Interline Offices
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Horticulture/Flower gardens
  • Conference Centre/Multipurpose Hall
  • Public Gallery
  • Data Base And Cyber Cafes
  • Hangers(Aircraft Maint.Facility)
  • In-Flight Catering Complexes
  • Cargo Management
  • Housing Estate/Amusement Park
  • Avio Bridges
  • Airport Advertisement
  • Shopping Malls
  • Fish/AgricFarm
  • Car Pack Development And Management
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Surface/Ground Transportation

Type of Concession

Tender Fee

3-5 Star Hotels


Hangar Sites


Aviation Fuel Depots


Petrol Filling Station


In-Flight Catering Service




Snacks Bar


Duty Free Shops


Office Complex


Shopping Malls


Gifts Shops and Chain Stores


Business Centres


Cold/Dry Warehouses


VIP Lounge


Car Park Management System


Cargo Management


Trolley Management


Surface Transportation/Car Hire


Banking Hall


Fast Food Centres


Other Projects not Listed


Airports in Nigeria

FAAN owns and manages several airports across the nation.